SELAH Daily Devotions!


Good morning Precious Saints of The Most High God! Today, we’re delighted to have you join us, once again, in Thursdays’ Corporate Prayer and Fasting! GOTTA MOMENT? AWESOME!

As we approach The Throne of His Grace and Mercy, we’re believing and decreeing …LET’S PRAY!

I love You Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship You, O my soul rejoice! Take joy, my King, in what You hear; and let it be a sweet, sweet sound, in Your ears! Thank You Lord, thank You Lord, Thank You Lord, I jus want to thank You Lord…U made a way, U made a way; U made a way…I jus want to thank You Lord…

Abba Father, here we are again, coming before You today, not in our own-self-righteousness, but in the All Powrful, Magnificent Name of our Messiah, Lord and Savior Jesus, rejoicing, praising,  thanking  and blessing  You for giving us one more new day! We thank You, Father for allowing us another opportunity to embrace and enjoy the abundance of Your Presence, Mercy, Grace, Power and Peace!

Father, we are eternally grateful, that it pleased You to allow Your Son Jesus to suffer, bleed, die, be buried and resurrected that we might experience the undeserved honor and priviledge to become Your very own children! And for this cause, we bow in humble obedience!

For YOU ALONE ARE WORTHY TO BE PRAISED,WORSHIPED AND EXALTED! For YOU ALONE are our Salvation, our Deliverance, Breakthrough and Provision. Despite of human frailties, faults and iniquities, Your Faithfulness and Compassion refused to be denied! And as we place our personal trust in The Finished Work of Calvary’s Cross,You forgive us for our past, present and future sins! We’re thankful that because of Your Mercy and Grace, You continue to bless us and daily minister to and supply our every need!

We remember to not make light of the gifts that You freely dispense! You have blessed us with a sound-mind and a reasonable portion of health, a roof over our heads, food on our table, clothes on our backs, transportation that we may move about our ways, safe and secure, confident that You are with us where we are!

Father, as we pray, we’re trusting that Your eyes continue to search the hearts of mankind and that You are drawing those who do not know You as Savior and Lord, The Holy Spirit is releasing repentance that’s penetrating their stony hearts and they’re saying “YES” to the Spirit of Adoption, and are coming to You today and receiving You as their personal Savior and Lord from this day forward! Lord, thank You for directing their footsteps, placing and settleing them their church home today.

Lord, because we believe that it’s not Your Will that any should perish, we’re praying that You put a ‘NEW YES’ in the heart and mind of every backslider and let today be the day that they come back Home to You restoring their connection and fellowship to the Body of Christ in the earth, Your Church.

Father, you already know that many of your children’s bodies have been afflicted by various sicknesses and diseases, and we’re asking that You will touch our brother, touch our sister and rebuke every spirit that has been unleased to destroy their health, cast it out at its root, for Your Name Sake! Lord, we’re standing on Your Word, declaring that Your stripes have redeemed and healed us and we’re decreeing Your promise that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and raise them up, In Jesus Name!
Lord, we know that You never promised that we’d be exempt from temptations, tests and trails, but You have promised that YOU will lead us in paths of righteousness and deliver us out of them all! As we pray for every believer who is yet holding on to Your Hand by faith today, trusting, You are releasing Divine Power, Peace, Supernatural Strength, Consolation, Health, Provision, Prosperity and Protection, in Jesus Name!

We pray also Father, that as we’re trusting You, You will preserve us thru EVERYTHING that we must go thru and keep us constantly aware of YOUR PRESENCE and fully-confident that You will bring us out wholly restored, renewed, refreshed and with the reward as You have promised in Your WORD.

Father we lift up our spiritual leaders, asking a special blessing upon each and every one of them who are yet standing on the wall proclaiming Your Word under the conviction and anointing of Holy Spirit! We pray that you will Grace them to be the examples in their homes, churches and community that will cause everyone who comes into contact with them to fall in love, trust wholly in and to live their lives serving You, Our Heavenly Father.

Father, we’re lifting up our children, our children’s children and by faith, committing them into Your care, realizing that you have a plan and purpose for their lives too; we have the blessed assurance that their steps are being ordered by Your eyes!

We’re TRUSTING You Father, to stir up the hearts and minds of those who are professing Your Name so that they will have a desire for an even greater personal, intimate relationship with Creator God through fellowship of Holy Spirit that they might prove what is the perfect and acceptable will of The Lord Jesus!
Heavenly Father, KNOWING that You Sovereignly Rule and Reign Eternally over the affairs of ALL mankind, NOTHING THAT HAPPENS SURPRISES YOU AND EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR CONTROL, therefore we have YOUR PEACE BECAUSE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING BUT FAIL! We bless you and thank you for our President Barak Obama and his family.We thank you now that no weapon that is formed against them shall prosper. 

Precious Jesus, continue to open the eyes of  our understanding so that Your people are not easily deceived by those who would desire to entrap your children in bondage to that which you have delivered us from.Abba Father, speak to the hearts of those who are assured that its ONLY JESUS has the Power to save us!

Father, we’re praying that every demonic-induced spirit of temptation, addiction and fear be defeated by Your Anointing and that the Spirit of Love, Power and Sound-mindness be released now, in Jesus Name!

Father, as we wait in confidence and quietness,  let all those who take refuge and put their trust in YOU rejoice forever that all workers of iniquity are trembling and suddenly departing in shame, turning their backs from Your people, because You have heard the voice of our weeping, our supplications and received our prayer as a sweet savor coming up before Your Sovereign Throne of Grace and Mercy!

Father, we thank You, honor and praise You now, for we believe that it is done!  In The Exalted Name of Jesus. Amen and It Is So!



Pause, Ponder, Pray and Praiz!

Ann Caffee

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