Over 20 years ago, after being a stay-at-home Mom for several years, I re-entered the workforce, It never dawned on me that so many people would come to me for assistance that went beyond my job description. People approached me every day with their life’s struggles in search of an answer. I quickly provided encouragement by sharing what the Word of God said about their tests and trials. Unbeknownst me, the duality of my occupation included a marketplace ministry. Every day I would share the Word with family, friends and co-workers, whom many did not have a relationship with Christ nor did they attend any church.

As I became more proficient on the computer, I started asking family and friends for their email addresses. Realizing that I could not withhold this gift of encouragement, every day I began sharing these God-inspired encouraging words via email. I was utterly amazed at the response and the positive feedback. It was overwhelming. Frankly,  I was perplexed that God was using me in such a profound way to minister to His people. At that time, I didn’t know what a marketplace ministry was or even if such a thing existed, but I knew God’s hand was on this. On days I didn’t send emails, inevitably my inbox would be full of many emails from people demanding their daily dose of encouragement. They would lament, ‘I came into my office expecting to see my email, but it wasn’t there. They wanted to know where was their Word for the day?’

With a multiplicity of responsibilities inherent with maintaining a home, family, school, work and ministry, I was overwhelmed. Realizing that I cound no longer spend 5-6 hours in personal Bible study and prayer, I quickly recognized that quality had to supersede quantity!

Immediately, SELAH came to me! SELAH means pause and ponder to put in perspective. I understood all too well that in this New Millennium Age, there’s little time to pause, reflect, relax and be reinvigorated! No wonder so many are stressed out and feeling overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness. Most rarely take the timed to just pause and think about what’s happening in their lives. They find themselves running around helter-skelter, meandering through to-do’s and there’s not enough time accomplish everything, leaving them with a skewed perspective of life and its priorities.

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about Mary, in Luke 2:19. The scripture says, ‘she pondered in her heart the things that the angel had spoken to her’. I can imagine that this young virgin girl had a whole lot to consider, huh? The Life she’d known would never be the same. Before agreeing to the angel’s declaration, she took time to search her heart, conscientiously analyze her situation and the consequences of her response.

I wondered, when do we just take time to reflect and ponder in our heart what’s going on in our lives? What happens when we do this? The Bible says out of the heart flows the issues of life; out of the heart, the mouth speaks. When people begin to reflect on their lives, in the light of the Word, it gives them a new perspective, letting them know there is hope. In the process of them pausing, thinking about things from a spiritual base, rather than the carnal, they’re acknowledging that they have the advantage over any circumstance; prayer because it draws them into praise!

Ultimately, to those who do not know God , SELAH is an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by God’s miraculous grace, they invite Jesus into their lives! The more people ponder, it causes them to transform their perspective and realize there is  a Hope beyond hopelessness! Selah allows believers to enrich their lives as they increased in relationship with God!

A few years ago, I was invited to be a guest on a friend’s Cable TV show. While waiting in The Green Room, I overheard a conversation between my friend and another guest. I heard him say that he was a writer and published a daily devotion online via FaceBook.

When the opportunity presented itself, I introduced myself and confessed that I’d overheard him mention that he was the author of a daily devotion on Facebook. I told him that I was also a writer (of sorts), and that I emailed words of encouragement to a group of family and friends daily. Thankfully, he did not push me off, but seemed quite interested, so I asked him if he could teach me how to post my writings on Facebook and he agreed. Within a couple of weeks, Selah Daily Devotions Facebook Group was up and running. Shortly thereafter, I became the ‘published author’ of Selah Daily Devotions Monthly eBooks on Lulu.com!

The response has been amazing! People began to comment how they enjoyed the postings and the monthly eBooks because they’re interesting, positive, affirming but provocative, insightful, humorous yet helpful. One young lady shared that she looks forward to reading SELAH every day because it makes her feel better! WOW! That’s what it’s really all about!

Considering that there’s little chance of escaping the emotional reflux associated with the hussle and bussle of this 21st Century High Tech world, SELAH endeavers to whisk individuals from the hussle and bussle of life to the backsides of mountains and desert oasis as it draws them into a place to pause, to ponder, to pray and to praise the Wonderments of God!

I am excited about moving SELAH forward to reaching more people, transforming their lives through daily doses of The Word of God, that they gain strength and encouragement to run the race that’s set before them. I now understand, that while the words that I write come out of my heart, SELAH is a gift from God that He’s so graciously given to me to give to the world!

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    1. acafy2014 Post author

      Thankya for sharing your comments. We give God all the Glory for inspiring me to encourage His children as we journey along the way. Please go to my Daily Blog @ selahdailydevotions.com and subscribe to receive my posts on your timeline! Thank you again. May God’s richest blessing continue to chase you down! In Jesus Name Amen 3x!


  1. Benita

    Congratulations. So happy for you as you continue to encourage others. May the Spirit of God bless all your endeavors as you are led and inspired by Him.



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