Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with GOD through our LORD Jesus Christ; By whom also we have access by faith into THIS GRACE wherein we STAND, and REJOICE in HOPE IN THE GLORY OF GOD! Romans 5:1-2


There’s a word being blasted throughout news networks and social media these days, “ACQUITTAL”. While the debate rages on about whether or not the trial is legal or even relevant, undoubtedly history will determine the significance or insignificance of unbiased accountability! Nevertheless, none with escape this world unjudged by The RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME SOVEREIGN JUDGE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH! #ijs!!

How many of God’s Elect have bein bamboozled (my word) by all of their self incriminating evidence, instigated by Satanic threatening accusations, robbing them of the joyful experience of walking in the full benefits of their personal relationship IN CHRIST JESUS! Let me be the 1st one to raise both my hands!!

TRUTHBTOLD, NOT ONE of us deserves such GIFT OF DIVINE GRACIOUSNESS AND MERCY! (SALVATION) and TRUST2KNO, GOD KNEW EXACTLY WHO AND WHAT HE WAS GETTING when HE offered up His Son in exchange for you and me! Yet, according to The Holy Writ, ‘IT PLEASED THE FATHER’ TO SACRIFICE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of RIGHTEOUSNESS as propitiation (Eternal Collateral) for our unrighteousness! (Ref. Isaiah 53:10) AWEMAAZING, huh?

I mean, who among us can claim that our good works (or feeble attempts to adhere to religious rituals) have earned this treasure! Even on our BESTEST day, we all fall far short of OF THIS GLORY! In fact, who can honestly say that they were looking for Him or striving to live a life pleasing and acceptable to Him when He snatched us up out of our sinful lusting spiritual stupor and shined the Glorious Light of The Gospel into our hearts? NOT ME! But GRACE and MERCY refused to be intimidated by our messiness! The SAME GOD who ‘calls those things that BE NOT, AS THOUGH THEY WERE, CALLED US TO GODSELF ANYWAY! CAN SOMEBODY SAY ‘GLORRAAAAAA 2 THE LAMB OF GOD!

But now, we can be enlightened and transformed by The WORD OF HIS POWER to walk in The God Ordained Freedom and Authority as Heirs of The Kingdom of God, annointed and appointed to enjoy the ETERNAL benefits of being RECONCILED TO GOD thru The DEATH, BURIAL & RESURRECTED LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST!

In other words, we have been set free from the guilt, shame and penalty of sin to live every day trusting, depending and relying wholeheartedly in THE EFFICACIOUS BLOOD OF OUR PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, THAT WAS SHED ON THE CROSS AND SPRINKLED ON THE MERCY SEAT OF HEAVEN’S ETERNAL SANCTUARY as TOTAL PAYMENT FOR ALL OF OUR SINS…PERIOD!

Notwithstanding, it behooves us to never foolishly, purposely and consistently practice sin, BELITTLING AND WILLFULLY REJECTING THE PRECIOUS PASSION SO SELFLESSLY DISPLAYED ON OUR BEHALF THAT WE MIGHT BE CALLED THE SONS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD! (Ref. Romans 3:31) GOD FORBID!

Beloved, I am beseeched by The Holy Spirit , Who encourages you (and me) as much as it is possible, to endeavor to live our lives honoring and embracing THE ALL SUFFICIENCY OF HIS AMAZING GRACE and UNRELENTING MERCY, striving to live humbly before HIM in faithful obedience and gratitude for this undeserved FAVOR, seeking ultimately to meet Him in Peace and Confident that BECAUSE OF THE WORKS OF CHRIST, IT IS WELL WITH OUR SOUL!




Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!

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