SELAH Daily Devotions!


We’re delighted that you’ve joined us once again for our Weekly Thursdays’ Corporate Prayer and Fasting. When we think that The God of All Creation cares enough about each one of us individually that He invites us into His Presence allowing us to pour out of hearts before Him, it’z jus awemaazing. Shall we enter in…

 It’s in my heart this melody of love divine; It’s in my heart since I am His and He is mine. It’s in my heart, how can I help but sing and shine It’s in my heart, it’s in my heart. You ask me why I know His blood can cleanse alone; You ask me why I know He sits upon the throne, And why I know He chose me for His own; It’s in my heart, it’s in my heart!

Unto Thee, Abba Father, we come with our hearts opened before You, our hands lifted up to You, surrendering all that we are, all that we’re not, all that we have and all that we hope to be; acknowledging that without You, we are nothing and can do absolutely nothing! For in You Alone is Life, Love and Light!

We Thank You for breath, strength to move and wisdom to respond to Your Lovingkindness, Tender Mercy and Grace-filled guidance with faithful obedience! We seek forgiveness for anything that we’ve done, words that we’ve spoken or thought that was in violation of Your Righteous Statutes as recorded in In The Holy Bible! By faith we now receive forgiveness as promised that if we would confess our sin, You are faithful and Just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness and restore us back into  right fellowship and divine favor with You.

We’re eternally grateful that it’s not Your desire that any should perish, but that all men be saved, nevertheless, we know that no man can come to You, except You draw him. We ask that You Who Sits Enthroned Above the circle of The Earth, open the hearts and minds of the sinner man who’s blinded by Satanic forces of darkness, as You so graciously did for each one of us, and let The Glorious Light of Your Love and Power be revealed to them in The Face of Your Precious Son Jesus!

We thank You for The Lamb of God, who volunteered to be sacrificed, died and rose again to snatch sinners from the clutches of eternal destruction and free us to accept this Gift of Salvation, live the life Style of Abundance in this present world and in the world to come, eternally in Your Presence, In Jesus Name! We thank You for quickening the hearts of backsliders who have turned away from following after You and now live outside of Your Plan and Purpose, with a Spirit of Godly Repentance that compels them to run back into Your Arms and commit the remainder of their lives to serving You, witnessing and exemplifying The Wonder of Your Greatness to unregenerated souls!

Precious Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Lord, knowing that You never intended us to meander through this life alone but to live solely dependent upon You, we come now asking You to save us the more, help us, lead and guide us, strengthen and uphold us as we seek to live our lives representing You, The Light of The World, before ay anti-Christ culture!

You know the lawlessness that’s so prevalent in our nation and our world today and how we’re so easily tempted to give up as if we have no hope for things getting better in the future. Help us to remember Who our GOD IS; empower us to walk by faith and not by sight! Help us to remember that Your Word Shall Reign Forever and that every Promise You have spoken  is YEA AND AMEN!  Help us to know that nothing happens in the earth that can or will ever take You by surprise.  Help us to remember that You, Jehovah, neither sleep nor slumber and You shall NEVER relinquish Your Position, Power or Control to the will of any mere mortal man;  therefore YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE FINAL SAY!

Sweet Holy Spirit, because You know our spirits and are able to intercede on our behalf, when we are at a loss for the right words, encourage our weary hearts and vexed souls to remember that when it seems as if this world is upside down, You can be touched with the feeling of infirmities and will intervene at Your appointed time and by Your POWER to turn EVERYTHING RIGHT-SIDE UP! As Your Servant David reminds us,  ‘though we walk through the valley of the shadows of death, we fear no evil, for Thou are with us! You have sworn by GODSELF to never leave us or abandon us, but will be with us ALWAYS!

Precious Lord, as You are watching over Your Beloved, seeing the whole world in Crisis and confusion, the systemic racism and gross injustices, we ask that You release a spiritual awakening in The Body of Christ, prick our hearts to repentance, focus our eyes  again on Your Priorities, strengthen our enthusiasm and compassion that we might persevere and not faint, but diligently seek Your Face in prayer and supplications provoking confidence to speak out loud to those yet imprisoned and deprived by darkness assuring them that You are the Only Answer to the woes of this world!

Anoint Your Children afresh, as we go from strength to strength, empowering us to become Burning Chariots of Your Glory to reflect, attract and guide lost souls to The Cross!Gird up the loins of our minds as we encourage all who are struggling to trust You with EVERYTHING THAT’S HINDERING AND DISTRACTING THEM FROM WALKING IN FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE TO THE LIGHT OF YOUR WORD to push pass pride, arrogance, betrayal, bitterness and resentment and forgive those who have wronged us! 

Abba Father, we lift up those who are grieving the lost of loved ones, the Mothers/Fathers distraught by wayward, rebellious children; intervene on behalf of the Husbands/Wives/Children who’re enduring all kinds of abuse and lift up the rejected and the lonely! Heal those who’re affected by COVID-19 and all manner of sicknesses and diseases! Cover the protestors, the essential and frontline workers, 1st responders, caretakers, the elderly, the prisoners, the poor, cast-down and the homeless! As You’ve instructed, we pray for the secular and spiritual leaders and ask that You fill them with Wisdom and Compassion to deal justly and responsibly with the power You’ve designated to them!

Sweet Jesus, as we attempt to lean not to our understanding, our spirit is willing but often our flesh is weakened because of what we see in the natural. For none of us has escaped the terror; our lives have been invaded by the enemies of our souls, marginalized by hatred, ignorance, deception and corruption in high places, legalized degradation and immorality because the Prince of the Air continues to creep into our minds and hearts to rob us of things that are dear to all of us!

For some of us  have suffered the loss of our homes, jobs, businesses, the proms and graduation celebrations, weddings, vacations, or perhaps loss of faith, trust, loss of hope, vision and enthusiasm, peace and our joy leaving our hearts shrinking with  fear, disillusionment, perplexity, anxiety, stress, disappointment, confusion and isolation!  We ask that You perfect and minister to the cares and concerns of all who are standing in gap for those who’re in need of prayer! Restore homes, marriages, family relationships, bring about household salvations, divine health and wholeness even as You prosper our finances! Please replenish those things that have been lost during this pandemic!

Father, as always, we recognize that there’s so much more that we could, even should  ask, but we are trusting that Holy Spirit is yet stirring up the hearts and minds of those who are professing Your Name to pray without ceasing! We ask that You release upon our hearts, an ever-burning desire for an even greater personal, intimate relationship through fellowship with Holy Spirit, that we might prove what is the perfect and acceptable Will of The Lord Jesus!

Lord Jesus, we, Your children, the apple of Your Eye, await Your Salvation, in patient confidence and quietness, rejoicing in hope and trusting\that You have heard the voice of our weeping, our supplications, have received our prayer as a sweet savor coming up before Your Sovereign Throne, and that we shall inherit the Promises of GOD!

Abba Father, as we align our spirits, soul and body with You Eternal Word, we bow in obedient reverence before The Hope of all the earth, believing that as Your face shines upon us that, You are making Your Ways and Salvation known among all nations!

In The Exalted Name of Jesus we seal this prayer in The Holy Ghost with a HOLY Alleleujah! Amen 3X!


Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!




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