SELAH Daily Devotions!



Once again we’re delighted that you have joined us in our Weekly Thursday Corporate Prayer and Fasting!  We are grateful for every opportunity allotted us to come before The Throne of our Majestic King, entreating His Help to sustain us through the concerns and cares of life’s maladies!  As we enter into His Presence with hopeful anticipation, we lift our voices in adoration and praise… 

O magnify The Lord! For He is worthy to be praise! O magnify The Lord, for He is Worthy to be praised. Hosanna, Blessed Be The ROCK, BLESSED BE THE ROCK OF MY SALVATION! HOSANNA! BLESSED BE THE ROCK OF MY SALVATION!  

GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS, O GOD OUR FATHER! There is no shadow of turning with Thee. Thou changes not Thy compassions they fail not. As Thou hast been Thou forever will be. Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see And all I have needed Thy hand hath provided. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me…

Our Father God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, we come before You to Magnify and Hallow Your Name far above our circumstances! Humbled by Your Sustaining Grace, Preserving Mercy and Unrelenting, Unconditional Love, we’re eternally grateful for one more opportunity to behold The Glory of Your Presence! You are our Awesome Provider, Protector, The Commander of The Angelic Hosts, Seated E,nthroned above the Circle of The Earth! We recognize that it’s  only Your Sovereign Wisdom and Strength that has allowed us to live today! We thank You for revealing to us such wondrous treasures once hidden from our understanding, when we walked surrounded by darkness, as dead men in the earth without a God on our side!

Abba Father, because of You, we cherish this day and dare not take it for granted as if we have a right to be alive! It’s  in You that we live, move and have our being! Oh, how awesome are Your deeds! For by Your Mighty Hand You have preserved us and kept our feet from slipping from our Mother’s wombs until this very moment!

Precious Lord, standing beneath an Open Heaven, unto Thee, we lift up our souls, thanking You for allowing us the privilege to express the feelings of our infirmities, the sorrows, the disappointments, our doubts and fears, anger, depression and despair! With a Holy Boldness, rooted and grounded in Your Peace, anchored in The Word of Your Power, Your Everlasting Faithfulness, clad in the Whole Armor of God, we clinging to The soothing Truth that Your Righteousness shall be revealed in us to the saving of our souls!

We thank You for reminding  us that we are not wrestling against mere mortals, but are engaged in spiritual warfare with Satanic forces controlled by evil scheming, deception rulers of darkness and wickedness in high places! Moreover, we have Your assurance, having sworn by Godself, that You will never leave us or abandon us but will always cause us to triumph victoriously over every weapon that’s formed against us! We proclaim You as our God of Hope, Help, Refuge and Strength!

Omniscient, Compassionate Creator, forgive us for breaking Your Heart as You looking down, seeing the world in Crisis, the global confusion, systemic racism and gross injustices!  Awaken Your Church to repentance, turn our eyes and our hearts again to You that we might persevere and not faint, but diligently seek Your Face in prayer and supplications confident that You are the Only Answer to every situation! Gird up the loins of our minds that as we go from strength to strength, become Shining Lights of Your Glory in the midst of this present darkness, to guide lost souls to The Cross!

Set a guard over our tongues that our anger and anguish does not cause us to sin against Thee but speak LIFE to DEAD things! Let our enemies be confounded and troubled forever; fill their faces with shame that they may see Your Name.

Bless those who are yet struggling to disciple their fleshly desires, bringing them into alignment with Your Perfect Will. Transforms minds that are oppressed and tormented by demonic spirits! Encourage those who are struggling to trust you with EVERYTHING THAT’S HINDERING AND DISTRACTING THEM FROM WALKING IN FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE TO THE LIGHT OF YOUR WORD! Help us to push pass pride, arrogance, betrayal, bitterness and resentment that we may forgive those who have wronged us! 

We lift up those who are still leaning to their own understanding and those who are ye rejecting Your Grace and Mercy! Remember those who have suffered the lost  of loved ones, the Mothers/Fathers who’re grieved by wayward, rebellious children; intervene on behalf of the Husbands/Wives who’re enduring all kinds of abuse and lift up the lonely! Heal those who’re affected by COVID-19 and all manner of sicknesses and diseases! Cover the protestors, the essential and frontline workers, 1st responders, caretakers, the elderly, the prisoners, the poor, cast-down and the homeless!

We lift up the secular and spiritual leaders and ask that You fill them with Wisdom and Compassion!

Perfect and minister to the cares and concerns of all who are standing in agreement with this prayer! Restore marriages, family relationships, bring about household salvations, divine health and wholeness even as You prosper our finances! Please restore those things that have been lost during this pandemic!

We’re believing that You are doing a new thing in each of our lives and in the Church Universal! As we strategically transition out of our old mindsets and norms into the next realm of our revelation of The Wonders of Your Greatness, create in us clean hearts and renew in us right spirits that we won’t track the mud of our past into the future that You have Divinely orchestrated for us,!

Grace us with Joyful, Confident Expectation, trusting wholly that You O Sovereign Lord of Life are still in control, working all things together for our greatest good and Your Highest Glory!

Abba Father, believing that before we ask, it’s already done, we thank You NOW! We seal this prayer, continuously praising and exalting The Precious Name of Jesus Christ together with a Holy Hallelujah and Amen 3X!


Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!



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