SELAH Daily Devotions!



Once again, we’re delighted that you’ve joined us in our Corporate Thursdays’ Prayer! We bless The Lord for every opportunity He allows us to come, seeking His Face and bearing our souls before Him, trusting that He’s waiting with open arms to embrace us, shielding us from all that would attempt to dissuade us from entrusting our lives to Our Savior and Lord of all life! As we bow before Him, let’s enter into His Presence with praise and hope-filled Joy…




Heavenly Father, we come together now thanking You for  one more day! And because You have called our name up our out our slumber to a brand new day, we rejoice gratefully  that this is the day that the Lord has made, we shall be glad in it. We bless You Precious Lord Jesus, for making a Way for us to approach The Throne of Mercy with a holy boldness and confidence that You sit on The Right Side of The God Who Is, Was, and Shall Eternally Be The One True God, Creator and Sustainer of Everything!

Abba Father, as we come blessing You for that day You opened our hearts enabling us to recognize and receive the Saving Grace in the Life, Death, Burial and Resurrection of Your Son, Jesus! We acknowledge that because it pleased You, You choose us to be Your very own children, while there was absolutely nothing in us lovable nor worthy of this honor and privilege!


Lord Jesus, we are eternally grateful that You purposed in Your Heart and by Your Own Hand, You are The God of our Salvation, our Deliverance, Breakthrough and Provision. We’re thankful, knowing our frame, Your Faithful Compassion allows You to look beyond our human frailties, flaws and faults to forgive our iniquities,  seeing and yet You minister to every one of our need!

Lord, today we come reverently praying for all our sisters and brothers. We ask that The Spirit of Peace fill our hearts and our homes with peace, love, hope, joy, patience with contentment as we lean and depend upon Your Lovingkindness and Tender Mercy to sustain us during this worldwide pandemic! Father, we ask You to Console us even as we struggle to persevere through this unusual season of  unsettling uncertainty! Help us to remember that  ABSOLUTELY nothing happens except You have equipped us to endure the test, trials and trauma. Help us to remember that there’s a pre-ordained Benediction as well as an Invocation to all of our troubles and because You are Alpha and Omega, WEEPING MAY ENDURE FOR A NITE, BUT JOY SHALL COME IN THE MORNING! THEREFORE, WE HAVE THE BLESSED ASSURANCE THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS!


Father, as You’re seated, watching over the circle of Earth,  we ask You to touch our brother, touch our Sister whose body has been afflicted by  all manner of sickness and disease! Remember those whose lives have been ravaged by COVID-19,  the spirit of cancer, high/low blood pressure, heart disease, kidney, lung failure, satanically induced depression/oppression/addictions and rebuke and cast it out at the root, for Your Name Sake. Lord, we’re standing on Your Word  that declares that by Your stripes  we have been redeemed and healed us! Therefore, even as You have promised, we declare and decree that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and raise them up, In Jesus Name!

Lord, we pray for every believer who is yet struggling to hold on to Your Hand by faith today, believing hat You are releasing  Your Divine Presence, Favor and Supernatural Strength enabling us to not lean to our own understanding but to trust in You with all of our hearts, spirits, mind and soul

Sweet Holy Spirit, as we look away from this world and up to You,  casting all of our care upon our Great High Priest, knowing He Cares, we come giving You Glory for all that You have done, for all that You have given us for it was nobody but You who has kept us even from our Mother’s Womb to this very moment!  And for this cause, we cry out Thankya!

By faith in Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus, we bind and cancel the assignment of every mind-manipulating demon, declaring that The Blood of Jesus is covering the hearts and minds of all those Who Name The Name of Christ!  We bind and destroy the yoke of every spirit of fear, anxiety, stress, worry, weariness, discouragement and hopelessness! In Jesus Name!

By faith in The Sovereignty of Your Eternal Word, we loose the Peace of God and The Miraculous Power of God over our individual lives and The Corporate Body of Christ. We loose the Convicting, Delivering Power of God to transform our lives, heal sicknesses and life’s dis-eases, restore prosperity and replenish wholeness in the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and financial areas of our being. revive and renew our first love, restore our zeal, hunger and thirst for righteousness!  

In The Name of Jesus, we rebuke and cast down spirits of pride, carnality, ungratefulness, murmuring and complaining, demons of rejection, bitterness and resentment, we come against spirits of contention, covet nous, guilt, shame,  self-rejection, self-despising self-condemnation spirits, we call out and cut off every satanic stronghold of grief and paralyzing sorrow,  every unauthorized  spirit of depression, oppression, perversion and addiction!

Father, In Jesus Name, we ask that You release wisdom and discernment, humility, gratitude, courage, strength, faith, hope, love and self-discipline!  We ask Holy Spirit to search us, to see and reveal to us every secret thing that lies dormant waiting to distract, hinder and prevent us from possessing and fulfilling Your Thoughts and Intents for our lives.

Abba Father, we lift up our political, social, judicial, business, religious leaders, asking a special blessing upon each one! We pray that You will Grace them to be the examples in their homes, marketplace and churches that will cause those who are in their sphere of influence to love, trust and to live their lives serving You, Our Heavenly Father.

Lord, we pray as You have commanded in Your Holy Word, for all our enemies, and those who have used and abused me, and have lifted up their hands and their tongue against me. I now forgive them for all they have done. In Jesus Name, for I am a Child of God.

Father, we pray for every heart that’s reading this prayer, that they come to know that there is no problem, no circumstance, no situation that is greater than God, for God is greater than all, God is greater in all, God is greater through all, and God is greater upon all. For You God, are the Most High God Almighty of all the Universes is truly the Greatest of All.

Father, we are so grateful that as we continue to walk closely with You, we understand that every battle that we have and will ever encounter in our lives is always in the absolute control of Your Loving hands, for You, O Lord have Sovereignly Ordained everything to work together for my highest good and Your Greater Glory!

We pray for every one who has for whatever reason walked away from You shall be arrested and provoked by the anointing that is on this prayer, to come back to You today and that You have put a new ‘YES LORD’ in their hearts and a willful obedience in their spirit to live the rest of their lives faithful and committed to Your WILL (WORD) and WAYS!

Father God we ask that anyone reading this prayer, wondering why they even find themselves reading it, will bow their hearts toward You now, confessing their need for You in their lives! And as they humbly acknowledge their sin, You will release Your Amazing Love towards them. We believe that in appreciation they  will invite The Lord Jesus Christ to come into their life and change their heart now!  We believe that as they are thanking You Father, they are confessing that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, their personal Savior, Lord , and Everlasting King! \

Lord Jesus, we know that there’s much more we could’ve, should’ve said but we know that because You are able to discern the intents of our hearts, we pray believing,  expecting, receiving and accepting God’s miracles in our lives this day and every day, for God’s Divine favor is now our heritage,

Holy Spirit, in closing, we ask You to intervene on our behalf, as we offer up this prayer!  Help us!  Rescue and Deliver us! Move on every heart that’s standing in agreement with us. Tear down every high thing and bring every contrary thought into  the obedience of Christ!  Send Your Anointing and let Your Will be done, let Your Plan be accomplished, in Jesus Name. Amen 3x!

It is done! Alleluia!


Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!





1 thought on “THURSDAYS’ PRAYERS!

  1. Apostle Mary

    Touching and In Agreement with all of the Prayers In Jesus Name Amen 🙏 And we Count It Already Done ✅ by B Faith In Jesus Name Amen. Good Morning ☀️ beautiful daughter of Zion! Stay In Stay Safe! 🙏❤️



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