What sorrow awaits my rebellious children,” says the Lord. “You make plans that are contrary to mine You make alliances not directed by my Spirit, thus piling up your sins. For without consulting me, you have gone down to Egypt for help. You have put your trust in Pharaoh’s protection. You have tried to hide in his shade. But by trusting Pharaoh, you will be humiliated, and by depending on him, you will be disgraced.For though his power extends to Zoan  and his officials have arrived in Hanes, all who trust in him will be ashamed. He will not help you. Instead, he will disgrace you.”


At the close of Chapter 29, smack-dab-in- the midst of chaos and confusion, we hear God’s Servant, extending a Branch of Hope to The Faithful Remnant of God’s Chosen people, encouraging them to hold on and expect a turnaround because better days are coming! Howevrrr, Chapter 30 opens with Isaiah firing a barrage of ‘WOE’S’ to those who persist in their obstinate-stiff-necked rebellious ways!  Rather than (once again) relying upon God for deliverance from The Assyrian armies, ignoring their history of God’s faithfulness,  they reject God’s instructions and forge ahead with their own plan to form an unholy alliance with the Egyptians!

On the surface, it seemed like a better option! After all,  Egypt (Pharaoh) was renown for it’s strategic might, iron chariots, strong horses and skilled soldiers, right? BUT, Ain’t that jus like us, huh? When faced with the adversary’s threat of defeat and destruction, rather than depending on The All-Powerful Invisible God of The Heavens and Earth, Humans have an innate tendency to trust in the tangible, what we can see with our natural eyesAnd we know, all too well, how that works out, huh? #DON’TSHOUTMEDOWN, nah!!

Beloved, more often than not, time and the deceitfulness of man’s hearts, have proven that Father REALLY DOES KNOW BEST!!

God’s Play Book is infallibly  more reliable than anything man can devise in his feeble-self-centered-short-sighted mind! In other words, leaning on the arms of flesh is never a good idea! TRUTHBTOLD, IF GOD AIN’T IN IT, IT’S DOOMED FOR FAILURE FROM START 2 FINISH! #Didjaheardat?

THANKSB2GOD, Who doesn’t give up on us as quickly as we give up on Him! But The Infinite Compassionate Shepherd so mercifully, patiently and graciously waits for us to see the folly of  flesh-reliance, quickly repent and cry out to HIM, then swoops in to rescue us from seemingly irrevocable, shameful disastrous decisions, restoring our Hope, Peace and Joy in Him ALONE!




Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!




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