SELAH Daily Devotions!



We bless the Lord for one more Thursday’s Corporate Prayer and Fasting! We’re grateful that He so graciously extends The Scepter in our direction, encouraging us to come before His Presence with Thanksgiving, confident that even as we pray, He’s listening to our hearts, determined to perfect every one of our cares as we release them unto His Sovereign Will for our lives.
Lead me! Guide me along the way. Lord, if you lead me I won’t go astray. Lord, help me walk each day with Thee! Lead me O Lord, lead me! Down in my soul, cries HOLY! Down in my soul, cries HOLY! Down in my soul, in my sanctified soul, down in my soul cries HOLY! Welcome Holy Spirit! We are in Your Presence! Fill us with Your Power! Live inside of me! Unto Thee, O Lord, WE LIFT UP OUR SOULS…

Our Father and our God, we come before Your Presence once again, offering up Holy Praise unto The God of our Salvation, Deliverance, Hope, Joy and Peace. To The Only Wise God Who has called us unto Thine Kingdom, embracing us as “MINE”! We thank You for this day that You have gifted us to see in the land of the Living! We count it pure joy entrusting that Thy Hand has already prepared everything that we need pertaining to life and Godliness! For this cause, we bow humbly before Thy Throne of Mercy and Grace!

We come, boldly today lifting up The Name of Jesus, fully aware that it’s The Only Name that gives us access to Your Kingdom! We bless that Wonderful Name that You’ve told us to run into to find Refuge in the time of trouble! We bless The Name of Jesus for The Atoning Sacrificial death, burial and resurrection that He suffered in order that we might be engrafted into The Kingdom of God and to become partakers of the Tree of Eternal Life! Not because of anything we’ve done or could ever do, but because of The Price Jesus volunteered to pay to ransom that we owed setting us free from clutches of Sin and Satan! Because You loved us too much to live without us, You endured the penalty and punishment in our stead! For this cause, Precious Jesus we’re eternally grateful! Therefore, as we commit our lives wholly unto You, holy, acceptable and pleasing in Your sight, as the only reasonable response to such Lovingkindness!

We thank You Lord, for forgiving us of  every deed, though, word, willfully or unwillfully that has transgressed against Your Perfect Righteousness! We’re confident that as we confess them from a heart of sincere Godly-repentance, You are Faithful and Just to forgive us, casing our sin in the sea of forgetfulness, washing us in The Precious Sanctifying Blood of Jesus, restoring the breach that our sin has caused, bringing us back into rightstanding as Your Beloved! For this, Sweet Jesus we bow in humble adoration!

Knowing that no man can come to The Father, except He’s drawn by The Holy Spirit, we ask that as Your eyes are roaming through the circle of The Earth, searching the hearts of humanity, prick the hearts of those who’ve yet to see Your Glory in the Face of Jesus, quicken their stony hearts with a Spirit of Godly-Repentance, causing them to confess a “SINCERE YES” accepting Your Amazing Gift of Salvation and Eternal Life! Father, lead and guide them to a local church where they will be welcomed with joy, nurtured, strengthen and encouraged by Kingdom-minded brothers and sisters! We thank You now, believing that it is so we say, AMEN 3X!

Sweet Holy Spirit, we lift up all backsliders, who have been deceived by Satan, luring them back into bondage, having once known You as their personal Lord and Savior! Father, remind them that You’ve Promised that You never given up on them, even if they’ve been tricked into turning their backs to you and walking away from the Only True Savior! Touch their hearts with Your Love, restore their faith that allows them to repent today and place a fresh ‘COMMITTED YES’ to cleave to You for Salvation, Deliverance, Guidance, Strength. Establish their steps to a local church where they will be re-claimed, embraced, rededicated, vowing and endeavoring to live the rest of their lives, every day reflecting the Grace and Mercy of a Loving Father to this dark, lost and desperate world enticing and provoking them to come to know You as their personal Savior and Lord! In Jesus Name we say, AMEN 3x!

Sweet Holy Spirit, we gratefully acknowledge You as Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent God with/IN us! Because You already know everyone of us from the inside out!,You also know that while we seek to please You by faithfully trusting You in every situation You are completely aware of the short-falls of our flesh, having submittied Your Glory to the same flesh, You know tour struggle is real! As our Great High Priest, You understand how we find ourselves overwhelmed and gripped by doubt, anxiety and uncertainty that sometimes forces us to lose or focus!

Lord, You know, the challenges and effects of living in the midst of a society, steeped in the stench of swampy lawlessness, corruption and blatant immorality of these last and evil days has on us! We seek Your help to endure the things that are going on around us! Give us confident hope-filled expectation that while weeping may endure for a night, Joy shall come in the morning!

Abba Fathers, we pray today, from a heart open to, depending and relying only on You for the courage to stand steadfast, immovable, always abiding in The Power of Your Presence, trusting that no weapon that’s formed against us shall prosper! We believe that even when we walk through the valley overshadowed by threatening danger, destruction and death, You yet uphold all things by The WORD OF YOUR POWER and The Hand of Your Righteousness! There is NO OTHER, ABOVE YOU! For You ALONE are Sovereign Ruler and Lord of all the living and the dead!

We entreat Your Comforting Presence into our hearts allowing us to rest assured that nothing happens except You allow it to prove what’s in our hearts! And to establish confidence in Your Eternal Faithful Word! For You in the time of trouble, You have taught us to declare that our hope is not in the temporary things and circumstances nor conditions of this world, But our Hope IS ETERNAL, and remains solidly rooted and anchored in You!

We praise You, Holy Spirit for encouraging our souls to look Heavenward for ALL of our Help comes from The LORD, The Author and Finisher of our Faith! We exalt Your Name and Your Word, high above our thoughts and our ways! For You have preserved our lives and kept our feet from slipping!
We praise You for the appointed time when You will reverse the hatred and bigotry in this land and replace it with a Spirit of Unity, Agreement, Love and Soundness of mind! For this cause, we continuously give You the Honor and Praise! Lord, remember those who are going thru a season of sickness and disease, hearts filled with grief and sorrow, those victimized by bullying, institutionalized racism, tormented by Spirits of fear, rejection, disappointment and failure, church hurt, heart wounds, unforgiveness, marital problems, wayward children, divorce, lost of employment, loan/mortgage defaults and bankruptcy! We plead the Blood of Jesus against every demonic thought, spirits of anxiety, panic attacks, oppression, depression, dementia, chaos and confusion! In Jesus Name, we thank You for miracles, healing, restoration and wholeness in every area of our lives!

As we lift up our children, grand-children and great-grand children, help us to remember that such were some of us! But You patiently waited and trained us up in the way that we should go! Father, by faith, we decree and declare that every scheme that Satan desires to inflict upon them, iS HEREBY CANCELLED, and RECOILED! As we commit them into Your providential care, we acknowledge that because Your Plan and Purpose for their lives cannot be over-ruled, we have the blessed assurance that EVERY STEP AND STOP IS BEING ORDERED UNDER THE WATCHFUL CARE OF YOUR EYES AND NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEM SHALL PROSPER AND EVERYTHING THAT PERTAINS TO THEIR DESTINY OF LIFE AND GODLINESS IS FULLFILLED! Therefore, WE SPEAK THE PEACE OF GOD OVER THEIR SPIRITS, MINDS AND BODIES, RELEASING A SPIRIT OF LOVE, HOLINESS AND EXCELLENCE TO FULFILL THEIR GOD-ORDAIN DESTINIES, IT IS SO!

Father we lift up every spiritual leader, Apostle, Bishop, Overseer, Pastor, Elder, Preacher, Teacher, Superintendent, Evangelist, Missionary, Deacon and Deaconess who are yet standing on the wall proclaiming Your Word under the conviction and anointing of Holy Spirit! We’re asking for an immediate manifestation of that special miracle for each and every one of them! We ask that You touch the Under-shepherds, anoint them with Your Wisdom to touch, lead and guide Your people. Give them clarity of Your vision for their lives and ministry! Cover them as they go in and out amongst Your people with honor and favor by The Power of Holy Spirit. 
We lift up every auxiliary leader, musician, choir, praise team, usher, nurses and lay member! Grace them to be the Godly examples in their homes, churches and community that will cause everyone who comes into contact with them to fall in love with You, trust wholly in and commit to live the rest of their lives serving You!

As You Sovereignly Rule and Reign over the affairs of mankind, we ask that You work a Wonder in the White House, Congress, Senate and in the life of every government, legislative, corporate leader of our nation and the world! Heavenly Father, we’re asking that You visit them in the night with dreams and visions! Show them that Your Eyes are going to and fro searching the hearts, minds and motives of all who have been given Power and Authority over Your people! Assure them that they shall be held accountable for every deed and decision that they make! In Jesus Name! Amen 3x!

Abba Father, bless all those who are shut-in, hospitalized, incarcerated, going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, dialysis and those waiting for transplants! Remember the bereaved, those who’re tormented by fear, failure, poverty, unbelief, unforgiveness, doubt, anxiety, stress, mental disorder, hopelessness, shame and guilt, suicide, disappointment, rejection, broken relationships, ungodly soul ties, addictions and perverted sexual orientations! By faith in Your Provision, Power and Authority, we rebuke and renounce every and all manner of afflictions, we declare and decree immediate release be manifested in the lives and bodies! We stand in agreement that everything that does not align with Your Will is bowing, bound and cast down immediately! We call everything in the atmosphere surrounding Your Chosen, into Divine Alignment now, In Jesus Name!
Father as we close our prayer  in confidence and quietness, we rejoice in hope and trusting wholly that all workers of iniquity are trembling and suddenly departing in fear and shame, turning their backs from Your people,! Because You have heard the voice of our weeping, our supplications and received our prayer as a sweet savor coming up before Your Sovereign Throne of Grace and Mercy we know that every concern will be addressed and answered according to Your Will, for our highest good and Your Greatest Glory!

Abba Father, we bow in obedient reverence before The Hope of all the earth, believing that as Your face shines upon us, You Who Guides and Rules Justly over The Circle of The Earth, is making Your Ways and Salvation known among all nations! We honor and praise You, believing that In The Exalted Name of Jesus it is done! Amen 3X and It Is So!


Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!

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