SELAH Daily Devotions!



Once again, we delighted that you’ve joined us for our Weekly Corporate Prayer and Fasting! We’re eternally grateful for one more opportunity to turn our hearts away from the cares of this world, and our eyes Heavenward, looking unto Jesus, The Author and Finisher of our Faith and pouring out our hearts desires, petitions and supplications with Thanksgiving for the privilege afforded us to come boldly before Thy Throne of Mercy and Grace, finding Everlasting hope and help from Our Great High Priest!

Welcome Holy Spirit, we are in your Presence! Fill us with your Power! Live inside of me! You’re our Living Water, never-ending Fountain! Comforter and Counselor, take complete control…Welcome Holy Spirit….There’s a sweet sweet spirit in this place. And I know that it’s the spirit of the Lord! There are sweet expressions on each face; And I know that it’s the presence of the Lord…Sweet, Holy Spirit, Sweet heavenly dove; Stay right here with us, Filling us with your love! And for these blessings, We lift our hearts in praise (hearts in praise)! Without a doubt we’ll know That we have been revived when we shall leave this place… Shall we pray..

FATHER, I stretch my hand to THEE! No other help I know! If THY withdraw THYSELF from me…where shall I go…


Abba Father in Heaven, once again we come before You today, with upstretched arms, open hands and grateful hearts! For this is the day that You have made! As we enter into Your Courts, we’re rejoicing in The Splendor of Your Magnificent Glory! We know that it’s only because of Your Grace and Mercy, that we’re yet here! Knowing that nothing we’ve done could ever warrant such Awemaazin Grace, but  it’s only because of Your Faithful and Loyal Love for us, You have allowed us one more day to enjoy the abundance of life, health and strength. We’re thankful for every opportunity You’ve allowed us to present ourselves as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable unto you. From our Mother’s womb, You’ve proven Yourself to be Faithful and True; therefore, we’re trusting You to provide everything that we need today to sustain us thru whatever challenges that unfold during the course of this day! Abba Father, we acknowledge that You Alone are our God, Guard and Guide!

Sweet Jesus, because You are Omniscient and Omnipresent, You already know everything about every single one of us! As You walked among us, allowing Yourself to be tempted at all points as we are, You learned what we experience in these earthly tabernacles, therefore You can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities! As our Great High Priest, You intercede on our behalf, continuously searching and conveying the thoughts, intents, emotions and physical weaknesses that we’re often unable to articulate to The Father of All Grace, Compassion and Comfort! Heavenly Father, You are the Source of our Salvation, Strength, Understanding, hope and power; and as we open our hearts to You, yielding our being before you, we Thankya Lord, for being our Very Present Help!

Precious Lord, before we go any further, we’re asking You to forgive us for everything that we, your children, have willfully and unwillfully spoken, done and even thought that was not pleasing in Your sight. We thank You for assuring  us that if we would confess our sins, You, Holy Father, being Faithful and Just, will forgive us, and wash us in The Precious Blood of Jesus, cleansing us from all unrighteousness, and restoring the breach that our disobedience has caused between our poor souls and our Lord and Savior, Jesus! With sincere praise , we yield our spirits, soul and bodies as empty vessels before You today, depending and relying only on You for renewed power, strength, wisdom and understanding!

Lord, while we try to please You by trusting in Your Word, sometimes, it’s difficult to over-ride the noise of the pestilence, the chaos of uncertainty and the pain of condemnation, guilt, and shame that seems to lure us into the valleys shadowed with danger, fear, anger, bitterness, anxiety, hopelessness and self-doubt! That’s why we gladly run to You, daily to find the refuge, peace, restoration that You have prepared for any who would come to You in hope-filled assurance that even when our hearrts condemn us,You will never deny Your Word!

Heavenly Father, knowing that You sent Your Son Jesus, to save the world, we pray for those who have yet come to saving knowledge of Your Mercy and Grace. As we lift them up before You, we’re believing that You’re igniting a Spirit of Godly-repentance  that’s penetrating their stony hearts, releasing them from every hindrance and enabling them to confess with their mouths a “Sincere YES” ! We thank You for planting Your desires in their hearts and minds, ordering their steps  to a local church where they may loved, nurtured and trained throgh The Word of God to live the remainder of their lives faithfully reflecting Your Goodness and wholly pleasing unto You as their personal Savior and Lord!

Lord, we lift up every backslider who has turned away from following Your Righteous Will and Way!  We’re believing that You are putting a fresh “Committed YES” in their hearts and minds as we pray! We’re trusting that this will be their day to come back to You and come back to YOUR church, The Body of Christ, where they will be embraced by The Love of Christ, welcomed back to the Sheepfold, encouraged, nurtured and strengthen to walk circumspectfully as inheritors of so great a Salvation as Children of Light to a lost, dark, ungodly world!

Father, Your Word has decreed that healing is the childrens’ bread, therefore we lift up our Sistas and Brothers, believing that You are touching those afflicted by all manner of sickness and disease, including the spirit of cancer, kidney/liver disease, high/low blood pressure, lung/heart/bone disease, mental disorders, autism, dementia, depression, perversions and addictions, broken relationships, dysfunction family issues, broken hearts, loneliness, fear, anxiety, stress in the Name of Jesus we rebuke, bind and cast it out at the root, for Your Name Sake. We come into agreement with your Word, we stand in agreement, declaring that Your stripes have redeemed and healed us and that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and raise them up, In Jesus Name! And as You are strengthening these, we ask that you also invigorate, encourage and replenish the spirits, minds and bodies of those who are charged to care for their loved ones!

Lord, as always, we pray for every believer who is yet holding on to Your Hand by faith today, trusting that You will release Divine Power, Supernatural Strength, Consolation, Health, PEACE, Provision, Prosperity and Protection. We pray also Father, that You preserve each of us thru the temptations, tests and trials that You have Sovereignly summoned us to go thru and keep us constantly aware of YOUR PRESENCE and -confident that at Your appointed time, You will bring us out wholly restored, renewed, refreshed and with every reward as You have promised in Your Word.

Sweet Jesus, as we lift up our children, grand-children and great-grand children, help us to remember that such were some of us! By faith, we decree and declare that every scheme that Satan desires to inflict upon them, IS HEREBY SUDDENLY CANCELLED, and RECOILED! As we commit them into Your providential care, we acknowledge that because Your Plan and Purpose for their lives cannot be over-ruled, we have the blessed assurance that EVERY STEP AND STOP IS BEING ORDERED UNDER THE WATCHFUL CARE OF YOUR EYES AND NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THEM SHALL PROSPER AND EVERYTHING THAT PERTAINS TO THEIR DESTINY OF LIFE AND GODLINESS IS FULLFILLED!

Father we lift up every spiritual leader, Apostle, Bishop, Overseer, Pastor, Elder, Preacher, Teacher, Superintendent, Evangelist, Missionary, Deacon and Deaconess who are yet standing on the wall proclaiming Your Word under the conviction and anointing of Holy Spirit. Jesus! We’re asking for an immediate manifestation of that special miracle for each and every one of them!

We lift up every auxiliary leader, musician, choir, praise team, usher, nurse and lay member, trusting and believing that You will Grace them to be the Godly examples in their homes, churches and community that will cause everyone who comes into contact with them to fall in love with You, trust wholly in and commit to live the rest of their lives serving You! Cover them as they go in and out amongst Your people with honor, wisdom and favor! All who would seek to discredit, hinder and even destroy their faith, faithfulness and the GOD-ORDAINED ministry shall be rebuked and restrained by The Power of Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name!

Father, stir up the hearts and minds of those who are professing Your Name that they will have a desire for an even greater personal, intimate relationship with Creator God through fellowship of Holy Spirit that they might prove what is the perfect and acceptable will of The Lord Jesus!

Knowing that You Sovereignly Rule and Reign over the affairs of mankind, we’re praying for the government/legislative/corporate leaders of our nation. Heavenly Father, we’re praying that You will visit them in the night seasons with dreams and visions, letting them know that You, O God never sleep or slumber, warn them that Your Eyes are going to and fro searching the hearts, minds and motives of all who have been given Power and Authority over Your people. Let them know that they shall be held accountable for every deed and decision that they make; therefore, He who is pregnant with evil and conceives trouble gives birth to disillusionment. He who digs a hole and scoops it out will fall into the pit he has made. The trouble he causes recoils on himself and his violent schemes will come down on his own head.

We’re asking that You endow the hearts of your people as they walk out their transitions into new chapters of visions, with clarity to discern Your Will, Purpose and Plans for their lives! Bless them to be blessings to all those whom You have assigned to their lives. Fill their hears with a peace that surpasses all understanding and the confident expectation that our times are in Your Hands and that regardless of the deceitfulness of this world, You have promised to prove, protect, provide and preserve the righteous who trust and obey Your Word!

We ask that You continue to open the eyes of understanding so that your people are not easily deceived by those who would desire to entrap us  in bondages to that which you have delivered us from.

Father, we believe that every demonic-induced spirit of temptation, addiction, oppression, depression, rejection, self-hate, suicide, fear and failure is already defeated by Your Anointing and that the Spirit of Love, Power and Sound-mindness is being released now, in Jesus Name!

Precious Lord, as we close this prayers,  we’re confidently trusting  that all workers of iniquity are trembling and suddenly departing in shameful defeat! We praise You Father, from hearts assured that because You have heard the voice of our weeping, our supplications and received our prayers as sweet savor coming up before Your Sovereign Throne of Grace and Mercy, every supplication, petition inquiry, concern will be answered according to Your Will, for our highest good and Your Greatest Glory!

According to Your Holy Word, we know that no good thing will You withhold from those who strive to walk upright before You and we Glorify You Name Forever!

Abba Father, bowing in obedient reverence before The Hope of all the earth, believing that as Your face shines upon us, You Who Guides and Rules justly over The Circle of The Earth, is making Your Ways and Salvation known among all nations! Therefore we honor and praise You now believing that In The Exalted Name of Jesus it is done! Amen 3X and It Is So!


Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!


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