SELAH Daily Devotions!



Thankya for joing us in our Weekly Thursdays’ Corporate Fasting and Prayer!
We’re grateful to our Heavenly Father for all those who You have appointed and anointed to come boldly, daring to stand on The Wall, lifting up The Name of Jesus, interceding on behalf of those who yet Hope in The Saving Grace of our Lord and Savior and especially those who do not yet know the power that is available to those who will entreat The Creator and King of Glory in hope-filled earnest expectation believing that He is willing and able to answer us as we pray aligning our faith in accordance to His Purpose! Shall we go in…

I really love The Lord! I really Love The LORD! You don’t know what He’s done for me! HE GAVE ME THE VICTORY! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE HIM! I…REALLY…LOVE…THE LORD! We love You Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship You. Oh my soul, rejoice! Take joy my King, in what You hear, and let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your Ear! We adore Thee! We adore Thee, We adore Thee, O Lord! Let’s pray...
Almighty Lord God, as we bow our heads and our hearts to thank You for this day, we honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for the privilege to enter into Your Throne Room, rejoicing in confident hope that You are welcoming us and listening attentively, compassionately and intentionally to our prayers!

We thank You for being Lord of Salvation, Deliverance, Breakthrough and Provision! We’re thankful that because You knowing our frame, Your Faithful Compassion continuously allows You to look beyond our human frailties, faults and iniquities to see and minister to all of our need!

We’re blessed because You, being Holy and Righteous, continue to be a Faithful, Loving, Forgiving God, and such an understanding and caring Father! You have done so much for us and yet You keep on blessing us. Lord, forgive us this day for everything we have done, or said or thought that was not pleasing to You. Abba Fahter, we are sincerely sorry and humbly repent asking for Your forgiveness, trusting in Your Promise that if we confess our sins before You, You are Faithful and Just to give us!
Abba Father, we pray that as Holy Spirit searches our hearts, knowing those Who Belong to You, those whose hearts are truely open to, depending and solely relying upon Your Mercy and Grace, please renew our strength, understanding and empower  us to live holy and acceptable to Your Will every day!

Lord, we praise You for being The ONLY Redeemer of all man-kind! Yet, You have told us that no man can come to The Father, except through You! We pray that as Your eyes continue to search the hearts of mankind that You draw those who are lost in the deceptive darkness of this world; open their eyes and hearts through the Knowledge of God in Christ Jesus and save them! Break up the hard-hearted and put a ‘sincere Yes’ in their hearts and minds that they will come humbly to You today  to accept and receive You as their personal Lord and Savior!

Father, release a Spirit of Godly-Repentance thoughout this world, that the back-slider will be reclaimed!  We pray that You will create in them a clean heart and renew in them a right spirit, that they will confess to You with their mouths a “committed Yes” ! We’re trusting You to place and settle them into a church home today, where they will be re-dedicated, encouraged, strengthened, nurtured, delivered and set free to live the rest of their lives exemplifying, testifying and glorifying The Power of God to transform the lives of anyone who yields their will to God’s Word, Will and Ways!

Father, because of Your Sovereignty, nothing ever happens that catches You by surprise! Therefore, as You have instructed every Believer, we lift up every government official, corporate, education, financial, judicial, health care provider! We’re encouraged by the reality that the no matter how high man climbs the ladder of success, HE STILL HAS TO LOOK UP TO YOU!

We’re asking a special miracle for every spiritual leader, bishop, apostle, pastor, preacher, evangelist, missionary, teacher, music director, musician, praise team/choir membe serving in The House of God! We’re believing You to anoint them to reach for the lost souls! Restore the commitment and replenish the zeal of everyone who is yet standing on the wall proclaiming Your Word under the Power, Conviction and Anointing of Holy Spirit.

Father, we’re trusting and believing that You will Grace them to be the examples in Caesar’s House, in the Capitol, in state/local government offfices, in court houses,  in jail houses,  in the Board Rooms, in the school house, in their homes, churches and community that will cause everyone who comes into contact with them to fall in love, trust wholly in and live their lives serving You!

Father, we commit our children, our children’s children and by faith, into Your providential care! Lord, we realize that You have a plan and purpose for their lives too and we have the blessed assurance that their steps and stops are yet being ordered by Your eyes!

Heavenly Father, stir up the hearts and minds of those who are professing Your Name but denying Your Power! Quicken and prick their spirits giving them a desire for an even greater personal, intimate relationship with Creator God through fellowship of Holy Spirit that they might prove what is the perfect and acceptable will of The Lord Jesus!

Sweet Jesus, we ask that You continue to open the eyes of Your people that we are not easily deceived by those who would desire to entrap us in bondage once again to anything that You have delivered us from.

Father, we ask You to touch our brother, touch our sister whose body has been afflicted by all manner of sickness and disease, especially the spirit of cancer, high/low blood pressure, heart disease, kidney, lung failure, satanically induced depression/oppression/addictions and rebuke and cast it out at the root, for Your Name Sake! Lord, we decree as Your Word declares that Your stripes have redeemed and healed us and we’re yet standing on your promises that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and raise them up, In Jesus Name, It Is So!

Lord, we pray for every believer who is yet holding on to Your Hand by faith today, that You will release Divine power, Supernatural strength and health, provision, prosperity and protection. We believe also Father, that You will preserve them thru the tests that they must go thru and that You will bring them out wholly restored, renewed, refreshed and with the reward as You have promised them in Your Word.

Father God, we pray that every demonic-induced spirit of fear, failure, hopelessness and disappointment be defeated by Your Anointing and that the Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound-mind be released now, in Jesus Name! We’re trusting that each morning of this new year Your children will awaken, armed with Grace to accomplish every assignment and earnest hope-filled tomorrows!

Father, we rejoice now in confidence and quietness, trusting wholly that all workers of iniquity are trembling and suddenly departing in shameful defeat, because You have heard the voice of our weeping, our supplications and received our prayers as a sweet savor coming up before Your Sovereign Throne of Grace and Mercy!

Heavenly Father, we seal this prayer in The Power of Holy Spirit, with gratitude, honor and praise. Believing that it is done, In The Exalted Name of Jesus, we shout Halleleujahhhh!!!! Amen 3x!


Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!


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