SELAH Daily Devotions!


GOTTA MOMENT! AWEMAAZIN! Once again, Family, we invite you to link up with us in our weekly day of Corporate Prayer and Fasting until 6 p.m. With everything that’s going on in our nation and the world today, it behooves each one of us to stay closer than ever before to the Altar!! Amen?


Abba Father, we come before You today, In the Magnificent, All Powerful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus, rejoicing, praising and thanking You for blessing us to see a brand new day.We thank You, Father for one more opportunity to seek Your Face, that we may embrace and enjoy the abundance of Your Mercy, Your Grace, Your Power and Your Peace!

Daddy, we thank You for being The ONLY GOD of Salvation, Deliverance, Breakthrough and Provision! We’re thankful that because, knowing our frame, Your faithfulness and compassion yet allows You to look beyond our human frailties, faults and iniquities to see and minister to all of our need! Therefore receive our praise to You today, coming from hearts humbly opened to, depending and relying solely upon You for renewed strength, wisdom, understanding and power!

Because no man can come to the Father except You draw them, we intercede on behalf of our families, friends and every unsaved soul, trusting You to quicken the Spirit of Godly-repentance in their hearts and minds that they will come to you today saying “YES” to your Gift of Grace and receive You as their personal Lord and Savior!

Heavenly Father, as Your eyes continue to search the hearts of every man, reclaim every back-slider, put a “COMMITED YES” in their heart and mind, direct their footsteps, placing and settling them into a church home today where they may be nurtured, encouraged and strengthen in YOUR WORD, WILL AND WAY!

Father, we’re believing that as we pray, You’re touching our brothers, our sisters whose body has been afflicted by all manner of sickness and disease, especially the spirit of cancer, and rebuking and casting every trace of it out at the root, for Your Name Sake! For Your Word declares that Your stripes have redeemed and healed us from every malady and we’re yet standing on your promises that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and raise them up, In Jesus Name!

Lord, we’re so grateful knowing that in times like these, we are able to yet find rest, hope, courage and PEACE knowing that while we’re yet IN this world, we’re citizens of AN ETERNAL KINGDOM, not made by man’s hand! We bless YOU, our King, WHO RULES & REIGNS OVER THE AFFAIRS of all ages!

Lord, we standing in proxy for every believer who is yet holding on to Your Hand by faith today, that You shall release Divine power, Supernatural strength and health, provision, prosperity and protection. Father, we’re trusting that You shall preserve them thru every tests that they go thru, keeping them constantly aware of YOUR PRESENCE and fully-confident that You will bring them out wholly restored, renewed, refreshed and with the reward as You have promised them in Your Word. Amen 3x

Father, we thanking You for an outpouring of Divine Favor upon each and every one of your children who are seeking employment, promotion, prompt approval for student/car/home loans and asking You to assure them that YOU are YET Jehovah Jareh, who shall supply all of their need according to Your Riches in Glory!

Father we declare and decree that every demonic-induced spirit of addiction and fear is defeated NOW because of Your Anointing and that the Spirit of Love, Power and Sound-mindness and Purpose is being released into the lives of Your people, in Jesus Name! AMEN 3X!

Father. we wait in confidence and quietness, rejoicing in hope-filled anticipation, trusting wholly that all workers of iniquity assigned to distract us are trembling , suddenly departing in shame, turning their backs from Your people, because You have heard the voice of our weeping, our supplications and received our prayer as a sweet savor coming up before Your Sovereign Throne of Grace and Mercy!

Abba Father, in faith, we’re blessingYour Holy Name, right NOW, believing that it is done! In The Exalted Name of Jesus. Amen and It Is So!

Now every child of God who is standing in agreement with this prayer, RAZE UR PRAIZ & GO TELL SOMEBODY THAT JESUS LOVES THEM JUST AS MUCH AS HE LOVES EVERYBODY!






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