SELAH Daily Devotions!


GOOD MORNING FAMILY! GOTTA MOMENT? AMAAZZIN!  This is our day of Corporate Prayer and Fasting! We invite you to turn your hearts Kingdomward as we kneel before our Maker!  




Good Morning Father! Good Morning Jesus! Good Morning Holy Spirit!

Father in Heaven, here we are before you again. We come today with outstretched arms, grateful hearts and open hands!We know that it’s because of Your Grace and Mercy you have allowed us to enjoy life, health and strength one more day. We’re thankful for another opportunity to present ourselves as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable unto you. We’re trusting You to provide everything that we need today to sustain us thru whatever challenges that unfold during the course of this day, knowing that You Alone are our God, Guard and Guide.

Father, with eternal gratitude we bless You for allowing us to enter into Your Throne Room, filled with hopeful confidence that you will entreat us graciously as we pour out the burdens that seem to overwhelm our hearts, releasing everything that concerns us. Lord, we know that You are Omniscient, Omnipresent, You see and You already know everything about everyone of us! Yet you welcome us to come to you, as our only TRUE Souce of Grace, Mercy, Joy and Peace to comfort, strengthen and encourage us to hold on to every Word that You have spoken over our lives, before we were born.

We ask that Holy Spirit, intercede on our behalf, our family, our friends, even our enemies. Lord, we stand humbly before Your Sovereignty, asking you to forgive us for everything that we, your servants, have spoken, done and thought that was not pleasing in Your sight. We thank You now because You have assured us that if we would confess our sins, You, Heavenly being Faithful and Just will forgive us, and wash us in The Precious Blood of Jesus, cleansing us from all unrighteousness, and restoring every breach that our disobedience has caused between our poor souls and our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

Abba, we know that You have instructed us, to look not at the temporary things, but to the eternal, yet You know the frailness of our flesh, and how easily we’re provoked and tempted to become overwhelmed by the cares of this world, that our hearts are burdened with the pressures of this life, that some of us are wearied with fear, worry, doubt, unbelief, sickness and disease, financial debt, broken relationships, unprovoked threats, depression, addictions, insecurities, and our days are spent beneath clouds of evil foreboding,; while our nites are plagued with restlessness, despondency and hopelessness

Lord we pray that you will save, heal and deliver us speedily by Your Mighty Hand! Give us to know that because we belong to You, we are never too far that You can’t see us or can’t reach us. You have promised to shield us from anything that the devil would rail against us. Help us to understand that Your Name, Jesus is a Strong Tower, and the righteous run into it and are saved. Open up our minds and our hearts, filling us with Your assurance, and confidence that at The Name of Jesus, every knee must bow and every tongue confess that You are Lord! Grace your children with hope-filled trust that You, Father have committed Your Word towards us that no weapon that’s formed us shall ever prosper and except You allow it, no trouble, test or trial can come near us. We thank you Lord, for fully persuading us of Your Providential Presence and Power to turn everything around to work in our favor and to bring about exuberant testimonies and dynamic praizes of Your Eternal Magnificence, Honor and Glory!

Father, we thank you now for listening to the hearts of everyone reading and praying with us. We thank you for hearing the hearts of those who have never trusted and accepted Your Son Jesus as Savior and Lord. We are thankful that Holy Spirit is quickening that stony heart now and that they come to you humbled and obediently, now, receving your Mercy and Grace to Save. We pray now that You are leading and guiding them to the local church, planting them inYour Vineyard, where they shall be taught and transformed by Your Word of Life to take their position in The Kingdom of Heaven.

Father, we pray for the elderly, the widows, the downcast who have born the heat of the day, and have pushed and prayed us through, Lord give them sweet peace. Lord, we pray for the leaders of governments world-wide, their hearts are in Your Hands, visit them in the night season and command them to do Your Will! In Jesus Name! Hallelelujah!!!! Amen!

Abba, we lift up every Bishop, Pastor, Overseer, Apostle, Evangelist, Preacher and Teacher. Undergird them with Your Anointing to carry out their assignment, under the direction of Holy Spirit. Cover them as they go in and out amongst Your people and those who would seek to discredit, hinder and even destroy their faith, faithfulness and the ministry You have ordained.

Father, we pray that You will quicken our hearts with the assured delight that at any moment, we may be raptured up to meet You in the air, as Your Word as declared that You are coming back again for Your Bride and that we should walk circumspectfully awaiting Your soon return!

Lord, there are so many other things, that we have yet to mention,  yet because we know that Holy Spirit is able to discern every tear, moan, groan, sigh and bowing of our heads, we’re trusting and believing You to fix it, Jesus as only You can! As we offer us this prayer up to You, we praise and thank You in advance, knowing that You are not just able, but willing to do anything that we ask, in accorance to Your Word, in Jesus Name! Amen 3x



Pause, Ponder, Pray & Praiz!

Ann Caffee



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    To elohim be they glory I thank you for given your glory your love in yeshua Christ of NAZARETH precious name


    1. acafy2014 Post author

      God Bless U, Pastor Shahim! Thankya for your encouraging Words! Please feel free to like, follow and share my daily blog website @



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