SELAH Daily Devotions!

GOTTA MOMENT? GREAT! Once again, we invite you to join our Family as we entreat The Heavenly Father’s Throne of Mercy and Grace casting our care upon The Only Wise Savior and Lord…



Heavenly Father, it’s us again. We come today, in the Precious Name of Your Son, Jesus, thanking and praising You for continuously blessing us. We know that it was You who awakened us this morning to see a brand new day, allowing us another opportunity to enjoy the abundance of Your Mercy, Your Grace, Your Power and Your Peace!

Father, as we humbly bow before you, we’re recognize that it is always an honor and privilege that You have bestowed upon us by choosing us to be Your very own children! We shall be eternally grateful that you are The God of our Salvation, our Deliverance, Breakthrough and Provision. We’re rejoicing in the Truth that because You know our frame, Your Faithfulness and Compassion allow You to look beyond our human frailties, faults and iniquities to see and minister to all of our need!

Lord, once again, we’re here praying for renewed strength, understanding and power that comes from a heart open to, depending and relying only on You.

Father, as You Sit Enthroned above all that is seen and unseen, You are aware of what’s going on in our world today and everyday! Nothing happens in our lives that can ever take You by surprise. Lord, You know that the hearts of Your people are being enundated with fear because of the atrocious acts of terror that are taking place in France and Belgium and even the threats that are being perpetrated against our United States of America.

Father we ask that You will forgive us for our rebellious disobedience against Your Holy Commandments, remember those of us who are yielding our lives to Righteousness and shield our nation, surround us with Mercy, protect us, cover us in Your Blood and keep us as we intercede for those who are yet being deceieved by the spirit of this world, trapped in the darkness of their own will, open their hearts, give them eyes that see Your Glory and ears to hear Your Word.

We pray that as Your eyes continue to search the hearts of mankind that you save those who are yet lost in the darkness of this world and have not received you into their hearts and lives as Savior and Lord. We’re believing you to put a yes in their hearts and minds that this will be the day that they will come to you, repenting, praying for forgiveness and be born again into Your Kingdom!
Lord, we ask You to reclaim every back-slider who have been deceived by the Tempter to walk away from following You, we pray today will be the day that You will put a yes in their heart and mind to come back to You, guide them and settle them into a church home today.

Father, we entreat You to touch our brother, touch our sister who’s body has been afflicted by sickness and disease, especially the spirit of cancer, kidney and heart desease, arthiritis, hight/low blood pressure, depression and rebuke and cast it out, for Your Name Sake. Lord, because Your Word declares that by Your stripes we have been redeemed and healed, we’re yet standing on Your Promises that the prayer of faith shall save the sick and raise them up, In Jesus Name!

Lord, we pray for every believer who is being attacked by the firey darts of our common enemy, Satan, on every hand, but is yet holding on to Your Hand by faith today, Abba Father, please dispatch a double portion of Your Divine power, Supernatural strength and health, provision, prosperity and protection. Encourage them, stir up the Joy, Hope and Peace of Your Salvation!
We pray also Father, that You preserve them thru the tests that they must go thru and assure them that You will bring them out wholly restored, renewed, refreshed and with the reward as You have promised them in Your Word.

Abba Father we pray that You will comfort Your children whose souls are being vexed by the blatant disregard of the leaders of this world to Your Righteous Commands and are willfully perverting and disobeying Your Laws, doing what seems right in their sin-lusting callous hearts and minds.

Heavenly Father, we plead the Blood of Jesus over the lives of our children, grandchildren. great-grandchildren and every generation until The Day of Your Return. Sanctify Yourself in their hearts that they may desire to please You rather than man. Even as you endowed The Three Hebrew Boys, with courageous-holy-boldness, help them to stand for You and not bow to the ways of this fallen world!

Father we wait in confidence and quietness, trusting wholly that all workers of iniquity are suddenly departing in shame, turning their backs from Your people, because You have heard the voice of our weeping, our supplications and received our prayer as a sweet savor coming up before Your Sovereign Throne of Grace and Mercy!

Father, we thank You, honor and praise You now, for we believe that it is done! In The Exalted Name of Jesus. Amen 3X and It Is So!


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