Good morning Family! Great God it’s Thursday!  GOTTA MOMENT?

Once again, we, The New Nations Worship Ministries Family invite you to join us in our weekly Day of Corporate Prayer & Fasting between 6:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.


With our hands lifted up and our mouths filled with praise; with a heart of thanksgiving, we come before You this day, to bless You! Not jus because of what You’ve done but because of Who You are! ForYou alone are so Worthy of all Praise, Honor and Glory! We are eternally grateful for this day that You have made, filling it with brand new Mercy and Grace. Not because that we deserve it, but because it pleases You to do so! We’ll never know why You chose us, while we were yet sinners, to offer Your Only Begotten Son as a ransom to redeem us from the kingdom of Satan adopting us into Your very own Family, giving us the Name that is Greater than any other name!

We come now, Father thanking you for the freedom to boldly approach Your Throne, seeking the rest that can only be found in Your Presence. For by Your Own Hand, and thru The Precious Blood of Jesus, You have removed the veil that once separated us from You!

Abba Father, we are so thankful to You, for revealing to us that you are God and your Kingdom yet reigns in Heaven and over the Earth! Lord, you know that it’s not always easy for us to acknowledge this because we are in the midst of this fallen world’s system; but Lord you have sworn, by Your Own Self, that all Power and Authority comes from you. As we continue to center our lives in You, obey your commandments and turn away from the evil of this world, keep our hearts open and trusting you to provide everything, pertaining to life and godliness, that we will ever need You Will protect us from all hurt and harm!

Lord, Your Word declares that if we keep our minds on you, You will keep us in perfect peace. Heavenly Father, even as we are surrounded by circumstances that seem impossible for us to overcome, grace us with the conviction, come what may, we shall not lean to our own understand, but will keep our hope and trust in Your Faithful Love towards us. For Your Holy Spirit in us assures us that nothing happens by chance in this life to those who have a personal faith in You are Savior and Lord! We are fully persuaded that our steps and stops are being ordered by You. Therefore, we, like a small child, trust that if You have brought us to this, You will carry us through this, to hope-filled triumph!

Heavenly Father, we believe with all of our heart, mind, body and soul that You are able to make everything work together for our greatest good and your Highest Glory! As we pray, Lord, we’re lifting up our families, friends and anyone who needs to know Your Love and Help, trusting You to cover them in Your Blood; Jesus according to Your Word and your Name, we have been authorized to bind and rebuke every Satanic influence over their minds, to cast down every demonic spirit that would take our children away from you, we decree and agree that every negative spirit that would hinder our loved-ones and those who love you from walking in the God-Ordained plan and purpose for their lives, be dismissed today, in Jesus Name! We release, healing, hope, peace, love, joy, prosperity and wholeness in every area of our lives, suddenly!

We pray for every leader, government, judicicial, coporate, financial, educational official, every Apostle, Bishop, Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist and Missionary, for we recognize that the kings heart is in Your Hands; we ask that The Holy Ghost break up the fallow ground and loose a spirit of repentance immediately, fill them with holy reverance and a burning desire for righteousness! Lord we ask you to equip every soul that You’ve called, empower them to perform Your Will that they may be pleasing in Your sight.

Father we pray that your favor rest upon Your people wherever they go; open doors that have been shut before them and close every open door that would detour them from Your Perfect Way!

We, with joyful thanksgiving and praise, and confident trust, rooted firmely in Your Loving-Kindness, Faithfulness, Power, Mercy and Grace, we fear no mere man or demonic spirit . We stand strong, resting in the shadow of Your Countenance because You are our Shield and Buckler! Your Words affirm that You are watching over us, listening to our hearts plea and Sovereignly granting even those unexpressed desires of all those who trust in You!

You, O Lord, are always on alert, constantly on the look-out for your people, who are totally committed to you, we humbly thank you for these and all blessing, in Jesus Name! Amen 3x

1 thought on “THURSDAY’S PRAYERS!

  1. Today's Encouraging Words Blog

    Amen 3X! May God Bless your commitment to the Ministry 7 fold in Jesus name… God is about to release HIS GRACE upon thee… it has been declared & decreed in the mighty name of Jesus! God is about to do some amazing things in your (HIS) ministry… seek & ye shall find, knock & the door will be opened to those who seek to manifest in HIM. Glory hallelujah to God be given all the Glory in the mighty name of Jesus!

    Brother in Christ Jerome



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